Kurt worden

It was a chilly 8-hour test ride so I didn't really test the insulating properties of the bag. Overall this is a well thought out bag.

The good – functionality and bladder size are great! the 3L capacity is good for a full day's riding. the smaller side pouches are great for holding ID, credit cards, glasses so they're easily available when you need them.

The Bad – 1. the protective cap on the bite valve is very difficult to remove, one handed with gloves on. after about 10 attempts the bite vavle actually came off the hose due to the need to pull on the entire assembly. I remedied this by holding on to the cap retainer and pulling the cap off with my teeth. not ideal but workable.
2. a full bladder can INTERFERE with the zipper if you're not careful.
3. the mounting is sucure but does INTERFERE with the gas cap when filling. Note bike specific , I don't see a way to correct this so I live it … it's not so bad.

The Ugly. Nothing in this CATEGORY.

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