J. Palmer

I returned from Idaho this evening to find the tank bag waiting for me-thank you.  Absolutely flawless design using bulletproof materials……..It’s going to be a permanent fixture on my bike!!!

Went on a nice little (180 mile) ride through the Smoky Mountains today, this being the inaugural ride with the tank bag.

1) The bag is completely unobtrusive when riding, but my hands bump into it slightly when doing stop-to-stop turns of the handlebars (easy enough to push it back to center, as it moves only 1/4-1/2” in either direction, as I have slightly extended bars).
2) The 102* temps with high humidity made having the ice water at my fingertips a welcome change for local rides. Trips are going to be even better without having to lash a Camelbak onto my luggage on the back seat.
3) My comms cord runs easily out from under the back of the bag and comes up between the seat and bag without issue. There doesn’t seem to be a major problem with the bag sitting on the comms plug at the front of the dash, but time will tell.

Again, thanks for such a great product!

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