This does not include doing strenuous work. Your body uses sweat to regulate your body temperature during normal activities like standing, walking, and even sitting. This means you are losing water while riding your motorcycle. If it is a hot day, your body may lose much more. Dehydration may go unnoticed for some time until it becomes severe. ThirstyRock Hydration recommends the Hydration Tank Bag, and talks about the importance of staying hydrated while riding.

Your brain is over 70% water, so any amount of dehydration can seriously impact your ability to focus and remain alert. When you are out riding, it is vital that you remain aware of potential hazards and other drivers. Being unfocused can have disastrous effects when you are on the road.

Staying hydrated can improve your overall energy level, so you can finish your trip without being dead tired. A bonus of proper hydration is that it helps your body maintain a healthier weight, and keeps your digestive system running smoothly.

Being sick can make riding miserable. Water has been proven to help your immune system. Staying hydrated will help keep you on your feet.

You may have experienced a headache halfway through a long ride. This is one of the most common symptoms of dehydration. If this happens to you, you should drink water as soon as possible.

Everyone knows water is essential for life, but we forget the impact it has on our everyday lives. Next time you are on the road, remember to drink water. If you are looking for a better solution for staying hydrated on your bike, the ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag is for you. It keeps cold water at your fingertips enabling you to hydrate safely while riding. For more information, visit Hydrate or die!


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