Maintaining physical endurance, flexibility, strength and agility means maintaining physical hydration. ThirstyRock Hydration offers these important reminders for staying hydrated while on the road.

Time on a bike can fly by as you leave the miles and hours behind you. Without realizing it, the combination of time, heat and excitement may mean that not taking time for water catches up leaving you physically dehydrated. As all doctors, athletes and riders know, the consequences of physical dehydration can mean a slowing of the body’s physical and mental response time. But for motorcycle riders, a slow mental and physical response time could prove to be a deadly combination.

Thankfully, ThirstyRock’s Hydration Tank Bag means motorcyclists can stay cool, hydrated and most important of all, safe. 

It’s a time saver.

  • Our Hydration Tank Bag means not having to stop for a cold drink on a long trip.

It’s a risk saver.

  • There’s no need to be fumbling around with mounted cups or beverage holders.

It’s satisfying.

  • You can keep up to three liters of ice cold water on tap. No more nasty warm water to go along with your road sweat.

It’s convenient and easy to use.

  • The insulated hydration hose is easily handled by gloved hands, easily visible to the rider and easily retracts back to the bag.   

  • The hydration hose has a 45-degree bite valve which accommodates a variety of headgear.    

  • The tank bag’s small footprint prevents it from interfering with any gauges or other apparatus, and is out of the way allowing safe handling of your motorcycle.

For the absolute easiest and best way to stay hydrated while riding your motorcycle or off-road vehicle, order your ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag today at


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