A lot of motorcyclists don’t consider dehydration as a danger on the road, but it can actually be a lethal problem. While it doesn’t seem to be a strenuous activity, riding a motorcycle on a hot summer day can cause a fatal crash if the rider isn’t properly hydrated. ThirstyRock Hydration shares about avoiding dehydration while riding your motorcycle.

How do motorcyclists get dehydrated?
Hot asphalt can feel like a furnace to a cyclist’s face, especially when riding at higher speeds. This extra heat can dehydrate you quickly. Plus, if you are not wearing proper riding gear because it’s “too hot,” the sun’s UV rays can suck the water out of your body and give you a serious sunburn. If you’re not hydrated before riding, this is an extra risk factor that increases the likelihood of a dangerous situation on the road.

How can dehydration be risky?

Obviously driving a car is much different than riding a motorcycle. While the same traffic rules apply, as you know, cyclists have to balance on two wheels, manage the clutch and gears, and watch out for vehicles that don’t see them. Dehydration can cause a rider to be less alert and have a slower reaction time, and a serious accident could result.

These are not the only risks. Dehydration can cause leg cramping and dizziness. Serious dehydration can cause heat stroke, requiring immediate medical attention. You can imagine a terrible incident could happen if your body seized up on a bike at 60+ mph.

How can motorcyclists stay hydrated on the road?
The ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag gives you the ability to sip water as you ride. The hydration bladder mounts right on your gas tank, and the hose has a retractable reel giving you the ability to drink, release the hose, and keep on riding without interfering with the operation of your motorcycle.

Riding can be an awesome experience with memories to last a lifetime. Don’t let dehydration cut that lifetime short. Drink water, keep your gear on, and listen to your body to make sure that your ride is a safe one. Protect yourself and the other drivers on the road by staying hydrated with the ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag. Learn more and place an order for your ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag at https://thirstyrockhydration.com.


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