Like many here I consider myself an experienced rider having done 300K km since getting back into bikes 10 years ago. But I’m still learning. This is what I learnt on my latest ride across eastern Australia in unseasonally hot early autumn weather –
1) Think about cooling and hydration when doing long rides (5 days, 3K km) in heat (37oC/98oF +). My suggestion, a Macna cooling vest, a Thirsty Rock hydration tank bag, and an electrolyte supplement such as Hydralyte
2) Avoid riding in the hottest part of the day 3 – 6 pm. Leave as early as possible, but not too early when nocturnal animals like kangaroos & wombats are still about. Also diurnal animals like emus, feral goats & camels are harder to see in low light.
3) When planning to leave early think about the direction your going in. If you’re heading east over flat featureless ground and a clear sky the rising sun can be blinding. Leave an hour after sunrise or as we did the first time we were blinded by the sun, pull over and wait.

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