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original hydration TANK BAG

From the ballistic grade nylon shell, to the dual thermal insulation and just under a gallon of ice water, this hydration tank bag system is designed to keep riders safely hydrated while they ride.  Keeping ice water cold for up to 8 hours in triple digit temperatures, the connector grip and the insulated, adjustable and retractable hydration hose are just a few of the features that make this hydration tank bag system the single most versatile piece of hydration gear that no rider can afford to do without.


Thirsty Rock

product DETAILS

This Patented (US PATENT NO.11,427,119 B2) one-of-a-kind custom shaped 3.2 liter bladder was designed to fit into a small footprint 9 inch by 9 inch tank bag, with dual thermal lining, keeping ice water cold for hours and hours in 100 degree temperatures.

The bladder/reservoir holds 3.2 liters of ice cold water and is made of BPA free, high grade hydration bladder material which has a 3.5 inch mouth for easy filling. A quick connect feature for the insulated hydration hose allows for easy disconnect from the bag.

When refueling this allows the rider to fill the bladder with ice and water and hydrate safely between stops. There’s simply nothing else like this on the market today.

Each hydration tank bag includes 2 interchangeable bite valves, one angled and one straight. Both of which can be interchanged in seconds with the press of a button. The attached dust cap protects the bite valves from exhaust, dust and road particulates.

The insulated hydration hose is attached to a durable carabiner style retractable reel by the custom custom designed connector grip. This connector grip was purposely designed to give the rider a bright blue target for their hand that can easily be seen peripherally, allowing the rider to keep their eyes safely on the road. The retractable reel can be attached to any one of 8 anchor points mounted to the tank bag’s exterior. This allows the rider to set the attachment location to what works best for them, allowing them to drink and have the hose safely retract back to the bag, keeping it out of the way and from interfering with operation of the motorcycle.

When in the tank bag, the bladder sits inside a removable thermal aluminum liner that deflects 97% of radiant heat and can be removed for cleaning or so the tank bag can be used as a normal tank bag.  A 2nd thermal aluminum liner is engineered into all 6 sides of the hydration tank bag, giving the rider up to 8 hours of ice water in triple digit temperatures.

The lid features a map pocket and each unit includes a set of shoulder straps, and both an angled and straight bite valve.

Thirsty Rock

special FEATURES


    The custom connector grip provides an easy bright blue peripheral target for the rider to grip without taking their eyes off of the road. Connects the retractable reel to the hydration hose, keeping it out of the way until you want it.


    Protected by the super tough 1680 Denier ballistic grade nylon shell, the dual thermal lining, removable thermal liner and 2nd thermal liner engineered into each wall, deflect 97% of radiant heat….that means ice water all day long.



    Custom, one of a kind 3.2 liter reservoir with a wide mouth fill cap, detachable, retractable and adjustable hydration hose that includes 2 different bite valves is versatility perfected.


    Insulated hydration hose with a custom connector grip attached to a retractable reel, keep it at your fingertips, but safely out of the way when not in use.


    With a wrap around magnet system featuring 4 super strong steel backed magnets, and 7 D-rings for your straps, this hydration tank bag can mount on…well…anything.