ThirstyRock Hydration 3.2 Pack


A trimmed down version of the hydration bag for storing inside another bag already on your bike.

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Introducing the new TRH 3.2 Pack which takes the proven game changing features of the ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag and engineers them into a trimmed down 9x9x5 inch hydration pack.  Designed for motorcycle riders who already have their favorite tank bag, saddle bag or tailbag, the TRH 3.2 Pack gives those riders the best way to safely hydrate on the planet.  This new version allows the rider to slide the TRH 3.2 Pack into their tank bag or gear bag and extend the insulated hydration hose outside their tank bag.  The hydration hose is then secured to the tank bag exterior by the retractable reel and connector grip, which keep the hydration hose safely secure to the tank bag.

All engineered into the tough 1200 denier shell, the proven dual thermal aluminum liners keep the custom 3.2 liter bladder of ice water, cold for up to 8 hours in triple digit temperatures.  The first thermal liner is removable for cleaning, while the second thermal liner is engineered all six walls of the TRH 3.2 Pack.  The proven performance of the dual thermal liners work incredibly well to keep the 3.2 liter bladder cold for hours and hours.

The custom 3.2 liter bladder features a widemouthed fill cap and a quick release feature allowing the bladder to be quickly detached from the hydration hose.  This means that wherever the rider is refueling, they can just quickly detach the bladder from the TRH 3.2 Pack and easily add ice and water at the gas station soda fountain keeping them hydrated on the road with ice cold water while cooling down their body core temperature.

The insulated hydration hose is secured to the rider’s tank bag exterior by the retractable reel’s carabiner feature, while the connector grip gives the rider a bright blue peripheral target for their hand.

– 4 D-rings allow the TRH 3.2 Pack to be secured to motorcycles, gear bags or tailbags with tie-down straps.

– Each TRH 3.2 Pack comes with 2 shoulder straps that can be used to wear the TRH 3.2 Pack either as a backpack or over their shoulder.

– Each TRH 3.2 Pack comes with 2 bite valves that can be switched out with the press of a button.  The straight bite valve works well on full face helmets while the angled bite valve works with everything else.


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