ThirstyRock Hydration explains the importance of hydrating before, during and after your motorcycle ride.

It is unhealthy and can be lethal to go too long without drinking enough fluids. It is recommended that men consume 100 ounces of water, and women consume 70 ounces, daily. These guidelines are based on normal activity levels and should increase when there is more physical exertion. Going a day without drinking enough fluids can result in heat exhaustion or severe muscle cramps. Dehydration can be deadly.

Dehydration occurs when your body doesn’t get enough fluids. You usually know when you’re dehydrated, but some of the more common symptoms of dehydration are:

  • Headache

  • Upset or burning stomach

  • Decrease in energy

  • Fatigue

  • Longer post-workout recovery

One of the greatest favors you can do for your body is to schedule your fluid intake. Drink one glass of water first thing in the morning and one hour before you go to bed. Make sure to include a large, healthy drink with every meal. Avoid excess sugary drinks, soda, or alcohol. Drink plenty of water, but don’t overdo it. Drinking too much water within a short period of time can leave you feeling bloated. Drink a lot of water and fluids, but also eat fruits and vegetables that are high in water content. Some of these are watermelon (who would have ever thought?), pineapple, pears, blueberries, grapefruit, celery, cucumber, lettuce, and tomatoes.

ThirstyRock Hydration understands the importance of hydrating before, during and after your motorcycle ride. That’s why we created the ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag with dual thermal lining and a hydration bladder. The ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag keeps 3 liters of water ice cold for several hours. A convenient retractable hose keeps water at your fingertips, but does not in any way impede the operation of your motorcycle. Make staying hydrated one of your top priorities. For more information or to place an order, visit Be safe out there!

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